International Business Shipping

Whether you're a serious Amazon or eBay seller, a brick-and-mortar store with mail-order customers, or a solely-online company, Evri can act as an international business courier for you and your customers.

How much are you sending?

If you're sending less than 150 parcels per week, you can use Evri' International service as normal, for both business shipping or personal use.

However, if you're sending a large quantity of parcels – i.e. more than 150 parcels per week – you should enquire about a Evri Business Account.

Is a business account right for you?

The benefits of a Business Account with Evri can save you time and money on your deliveries.

Access to flexible pricing, ecommerce platform integration, performance reporting, and a dedicated account management team are just some of the services you can benefit from. Send an email to [email protected] for more information.

What do you need to do to send parcels abroad?

Sending business shipments abroad can require more information than personal deliveries. You should, include an invoice as standard but there are some additional boxes to tick – particularly when you're sending outside of the EU.

If your parcel is worth £270 or less, you will need to fill out a CN22 form when sending outside the EU, which is a very simple description of contents, weight and value.

If your parcel is worth over £270, then you will need to fill out a CN23 form when sending outside the EU, which requires the sender and receiver's address, and has more space for reference numbers and additional comments.

In both cases, you will need your HS tariff number, and the country of origin of the goods you are sending.

Other than these forms, you can send a package abroad in the exact same way as you would if it was a domestic delivery.

How does Evri look after your parcels?

When sending deliveries internationally, peace of mind is essential for senders, suppliers, customers.

Parcel tracking is also included as standard. Both sender and recipient can find out where the package is in the world, and when it's due to arrive – just click here and enter the tracking number provided when you complete your order.

Parcels sent overseas will have to go through customs, and every country has its own rules and regulations, with many restricted items.Click here to see our list of restricted items for international delivery.

Customs officials will contact the recipient for any additional information or fees, and any charges levied by customs in the recipient country are outside of our control.

Any questions?

If you need any more information on sending international parcels, please visit our help centre. Don't forget, you can also email [email protected] for specific business-related enquiries.

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