International Parcel Tracking

To allow you to follow your parcel's journey when sending around the world, Evri offers parcel tracking as standard on all international deliveries, just as we do with our domestic deliveries.

How does it work?

Parcel tracking means both the sender and receiver of a parcel can essentially follow a package as it is transported across the globe.

As soon as your parcel has been scanned on collection (whether from your door, or at a ParcelShop), you'll be able to track your parcel's journey.

How do you do it?

International parcel tracking is included as standard, so you don't have to choose any different options or pay anything extra at the checkout.

As part of your order, you'll receive a 16 digit tracking number which can be used to track your parcel.

To track your parcel, click here and enter your reference number.

Sending or receiving?

If you're sending a parcel, you'll receive the tracking number in your confirmation email, and you'll also be able to find it by logging into your account here.

You can then pass on this number to your parcel's recipient, or include it as part of the receipt if you're a business sending to a customer. This way, you’ll both be able to trace the package's location.

If you have any more questions about international parcel tracking, click here to visit our help centre or click here to get a quick quote for your fully-tracked parcel today!