Sending Parcels to Ireland

When you want to send a parcel to the Republic of Ireland, Hermes can help. Get started with a quote today, and your package will be on its way.

Our Irish courier services will deliver your parcel to anywhere in the Republic of Ireland, from Cork to Dublin and everywhere in between.

How quickly will your parcel get there?

The estimated delivery time for packages sent to the Republic of Ireland through Hermes is three to seven working days. So while it could arrive as quickly as if you were sending domestically, it's best to allow an extra day or two for delivery. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for international deliveries.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your delivery will depend on the size and weight of parcels, and the exact location, but you can ship to Ireland for as little as £9.60 (inc. VAT) for a small, lightweight parcel.

To find out exactly how much your parcel will cost to send to the Republic of Ireland, head to our Quick Quote tool and enter the size, weight and quantity of your shipment.

£20 compensation cover is included in your price, but you can also increase this to a maximum of £1,000 during the order process.

What rules are there for posting to the Republic of Ireland?

As the Republic of Ireland is in the EU, you don't need to worry about customs, or any extra documentation, when shipping there. If you do have any concerns, be sure to check the Irish Tax and Customs guidance on importing and exporting.

However, no matter where you're sending to, you will want to avoid anything on our restricted list

If you have any more questions about any of Hermes' services, please check our help centre.