Sending Parcels to North America

When you need to send a parcel to North America, whether to Mexico, Canada or the USA, Hermes can help your package on its journey across the Atlantic.

Get started with a quote for North American shipping today. As it works in exactly the same way as our domestic services, you can use our North American courier services in just a few clicks.

How quickly will your parcel get there?

All international deliveries with Hermes take an estimated three to seven working days, so parcels sent to the US, Canada or Mexico could potentially arrive as quickly as it would on a domestic delivery – though it's always best to allow an extra day or two for overseas delivery. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for any international deliveries.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your delivery depends on the size, weight, number of parcels, and your shipment's destination. Prices vary by country, not by region, so your delivery will cost the same whether it's headed to New York or LA.

Sending one small parcel to Canada can cost £23.07 (inc. VAT) while shipping to the US can cost as little as £21.84 (inc. VAT). For a more specific estimate for parcels of any size, head to our Quick Quote tool.

What rules are there for posting to North America?

As North America is outside of the EU, shipping to Mexico, Canada and the USA requires a little more documentation than just an address label.

If your parcel is worth £270 or less, then you'll need to fill out a CN22 form. This is just a short description of contents, weight and value.

If your parcel is worth over £270, then you'll need to fill out a CN23 form. This form is slightly longer, and requires the sender and receiver's address. There is also more space for reference numbers, additional comments, and commercial details.

Simply put, these are invoices that you need to fill out, even if it's a personal package. You can download the files from the links on this page, but we'll also provide them for you at the checkout, along with your normal shipping label.

Everywhere in the world has different regulations on what you can and can't ship into the country, and Mexico, Canada and the US are no different. To be on the safe side, check our restricted list for anything you are not allowed to send.

If you have any more questions about sending a parcel to North America, or regarding and of Hermes' services, please check our help centre.