Things to know

There's a bit more to remember when posting abroad compared to domestic shipping. Hermes make things as straightforward as possible for you when you're sending a parcel internationally, but there are a couple of things you'll need to be aware of before our courier comes to collect your package (or before you drop it off at one of our ParcelShops).

It might take a bit longer

The estimated arrival time for international deliveries through Hermes is three to seven working days. So, while it may be delivered overseas as quickly as if you were sending elsewhere in the UK, you may also have to allow an extra day or two for your package to arrive – important to keep in mind if you're sending to customers. We can't guarantee a specific delivery date for international deliveries.

It might cost a bit more

While domestic delivery costs remain the same wherever you're sending your parcel to (depending on size and weight), shipping overseas can cost more – simply because of the logistics involved. You can ship to most of mainland Europe for between £9 and £15, plus VAT for a 1kg parcel, but sending further afield will cost a bit more. Use our international delivery quote calculator to find out exactly how much.

You might need more paperwork

If you're sending your parcel outside of the EU, you'll need to fill in customs declarations forms. They contain a short description of the goods, and a bit more information about value than you need to provide when sending within the EU – which essentially works the same as domestic delivery.

To find out more about the forms you need to fill in, and what destinations you will need them for, click here.

There might be more restrictions on what you can send

There are restrictions on what you can send through Hermes domestically, but the list for international deliveries is slightly different.

Some of the restrictions are destination-specific – you can't send documents outside of the EU, or send mobile phones to residential addresses in Pakistan, just to pick two examples. So make sure you check the list thoroughly.

You will have to go through customs

International deliveries will have to go through customs before they reach their destination. Couriers will do everything they can to ensure that your parcel clears as quickly as possible, but there may be occasions when customs will require extra information or fees to clear the goods.

Customs officials will contact the recipient for any additional information or fees, and any charges levied by customs in the recipient country are outside of our control.

Every country has its own legislations and restrictions as to what you can and can't send – check our restricted list to make sure you don't fall afoul of customs in your parcel's destination country.

Any questions?

If you need any more information on sending international parcels, please visit our help centre, or check our guide to sending parcels abroad.

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